Monologue of the semester

Observation and Interpretation were the key learning points from this semester. Maybe it is ambitious to want both expressions - figurative and non-figurative - but that is what I want and am working towards. Clay being a material that is easy to form and once you get the hang of it, it enables one to create a life-like and figurative form purely based on observation, just a mimesis. The process is not yet done but I am satisfied with how it is continuing.

Observation gives less freedom to express as it is a mimesis but learning the skills to create exactly, would be an achievement. I remember this sentence from the tutor that there is a value in observation and being able to create what you see in space. Obvious words but I do have to say this made me want to strive further. Also, another important to note was that the tutor has said you cannot do both. I do not really agree and I am not certain that I am proving as such in any way, but it is the reason to start this paragraph with wanting both expressions.

Interpretation was more fun as there is more freedom. The particular way how one perceives is what makes the one an artist. With that being said, everyone can be an artist, it is just whether they want to be or not. My point is that every opinion is valuable, every interpretation is valuable, and every creation is valuable. Interpretation is rooted from one's expression. Not having the restriction of needing to create as what it is, free to interpret.

Looking forward to the next semester for actual sculpting, in terms of working method. My working method in Sculpture has really just been modelling and not sculpting. I am curious to see how my approach would be different since carved, it is gone. (1).png 146.jpg 139.jpg 147.jpg 140.jpg 141.jpg 142.jpg 143.jpg 144.jpg 138.jpg 145.jpg 82.jpg 70_v2.jpg 68.jpg 67.jpg 69.jpg 66.jpg 65.jpg 81.jpg 80.jpg 64_v2.jpg 63.jpg 62.jpg 61.jpg 60.jpg 59.jpg 58.jpg 57.jpg 56.jpg 55.jpg 54.jpg 53.jpg 52.jpg 51.jpg 50.jpg 48.jpg 49.jpg 47.jpg 72.jpg 73.jpg 74.jpg 75.jpg 76.jpg 77.jpg 78.jpg 79.jpg 71.jpg