Learning Report – Semester 1 2020-2021

What went well in your learning and your own practice during this semester?

Although reduced classes and limited access to the studio space disturbed the work-flow, I am glad to say that I managed to stay productive and be satisfied with the result of this semester. For example, I tried to carry my work back to my home in order to continue my flow. This allows me to keep up with the creative flow and continue searching for inspiration and works to be made, and actually putting in the work and producing results.

I am also learning to be more patient throughout the years in this academy. Staying calm and patient, waiting for the process and the time spent to stack up so that there is an improvement that I can notice for myself and not from the words of others.

I used to be affected by the feedback given and I was not able to put my critical mode on when I should have. This is not about the quality of the feedback but more about stability; being receptive to constructive feedback whilst maintaining my artistic intuition. It has to do with creative confidence and how to take in reviews. As I study and make works, I have realized that there is no need to put my concern on what one person says about the work because in the end, it is just one person talking about a work. Lastly, I have also tried to improve communication.

What was difficult in your learning and your own practice or went wrong?

I do not think it is necessarily a negative thing but what I have noticed is that after certain works, I get affected emotionally. This is not new to me at all, just that I have learned the need to or even train to shut-it-off as it can get very heavy. Leave work as work and not get too drained.

It was also hard to understand painting in words. For example, words such as quality and quantity were difficult to understand until they were actually practiced and observed through painting. This in combination with the words from the tutor offered me a better understanding of what we were learning this semester.
I have been poor at communication with everyone in general. The reason for learning in this academy is to learn through tutors and peers, have a network in the future and grow as an artist.

What did you discover in this semester?

I am redoing the academic year, so nothing is necessarily new. However, my approach is not the same as last year and I am not reusing the ideas that I had last year for the same assignments. Unless the idea is continuing, I have attempted to come up with fresh works. Starting with everything being the same, I would put heavy emphasis on the word discover. I discovered Autonoom as a result of diverse methods of approach. I was able to discover various aspects and dimensions of the subject and hence I am considering Autonoom as a base for the 2nd year. Within Autonoom’s vast definition of art where everything before, during and after has a meaning. After this semester, thanks to the tutoring, it became tougher for the decision, but I am happy to have the option.

What did you learn? (Think of skills, study attitudes, knowledge)

I have learned the basic painting theory of light and dark, warm and cold, quality contrast and quantity contrast, which I still am working to further grasp. I am trying out different methods to paint. I have put a limit for myself to only use acrylic (it is rather suitable for my patience), so that I can sufficiently discover numerous ways of expression using different techniques and use paint as my expression/communication medium. Ultimately, I want to be able to say that I can paint.

Up until now, I have only been using the cheapest material as I do not have my own income and also from the thought that I do not deserve better material at the moment due to lack of skill. Why buy and waste expensive material when you cannot even paint? I thought that my skills are not ready for expensive material. However, I have learned that more expensive paint is actually better. I have noticed the worthiness of investing in materials which has opened myself up to many materials that I have not tried with so much more to learn.

It was already in my mind in summer after the talk for future academic decisions, that I need to have a better learning attitude. And therefore, I have started with a different approach and attitude from the start. My attitude has transitioned from proving myself and my work to others towards knowing the value of my work and instead focusing on communication and feedback.

What do you want to improve in your practice or learn coming semester?

I am looking forward to sculpture next semester. Specifically, to learn how to sculpt, not to model. In my working method, regardless of the base, the modelling method in sculpture is key: additive rather than subtractive. I am curious about the working method of subtraction and how it will offer a whole new insight to my creative process.

I honestly, literally, by the word, want to be able to do everything in the area of fine arts so that I can follow the time we live in and make art for all. It is ambitious but I want to be the best despite knowing that there is no best in art, but it is still what I want.