Art versus non-art is a question both the artist and the audience intrinsically impose when interacting with an artwork. There must be a boundary between the two, even if it might be purely subjective. Perhaps there is a point that people can more commonly agree upon, or even an estimate to start the discourse. As an aspiring artist, my artistic points of departure is simple, to be able to make art. But when is it really art and when is it not? It may be a forever changing definition. When artists create artwork, along with the work itself they formulate a brand-new definition of their art. Instead of just questioning what art is, there is a need to approach the question differently. I believe the answer is not within the questions we ask, rather it is within how we embody the process of creating art itself.

To do so, before any visual aspects are created, I first attempt to rationalize my emotions even when they seem impossible to rationalize. Within this process, my intuition –a fast flowing and explosiveenergy –is consistently questioned, justified, and felt again. Only through repeating these steps, I am able to guide my intuition towards the right direction. In my artworks, every aesthetical decision I make embodies this process which is an internal attempt to answer the question of what art is. Thus, the definition of art lies within the relentless battle each artist persevered through as they repeatedly ask the question to themselves, as they create art.

Hanul Lee